SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review


If you are stuck about the problem on your skin such as drying, acne, and aging, then the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence will be the best idea for you. Let’s see more deeply about the SK II Facial Treatment Essence reviews with in this article.

I – Overview of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II is the brand of the largest multinational cosmetic group in the US – P&G. Actually most of these products are Made in Japan. Especially, the “secret” that made the success of the famous SK-II spirit come from a random discovery.

In the 1970s, when visiting the Sake cellar, SK2’s ancestor noticed the smooth hands, no dark spots or signs of aging of brewers. This was the exact opposite of the wrinkly skin on their faces.

Researchers have come up with their own assumptions and wonder whether it was the manual treatment of alcohol that could make such glowing pink as well as smoothing their hand skin? Since then, they have been constantly researching different types of yeast.

Finally, after testing 350 strains of yeast, they uncovered the secret of a liquid rich in vitamins, organic acids, amino acids, and minerals. The miraculous liquid helps to change the skin’s color, bring the smooth and brighten the hand skin. They named this liquid Pitera.

Cosmetic products containing Pitera, typically SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, make a big impression in the beauty industry. It is a miracle that helps to erase the traces of time spent on the face, a miracle that helps women find their young beautiful skin easier.

I – SK II Facial Treatment Essence Review

1. Packaging, texture, and fragrance

Received 4,3 / 5 * with over 3,500 reviews on Influenster, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence possesses a super beautiful appearance. The cylindrical shape of the bottle is opaque white, with the name of the company printed in a metallic red that appeared very attractive and luxurious. Bottle made of glass, very strong grip. The screw cap definitely has a silver color.

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To suit the needs of all women, SK2 Facial Treatment Essence has a lot of sizes for you to choose from such as 30ml (sampling) that only has a magic water bottle, larger types such as 75ml, 150ml, 250ml, and 330ml full-size so There are a nice bonus and clear barcode.

In terms of texture, she is liquid like water and very clear. When applied to the skin, you will see the lotion penetrates very quickly, smooth and soft skin.

2. SK II facial treatment essence ingredients and uses

➥ Detailed components:

Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate (Pitera), Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Aqua (Water / Eau), Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid.

➥ Main SK II ingredients:

The main SK II ingredient that makes the holiness of SK II Facial Treatment Essence is Pitera. Making up more than 90% of the recipe, this is the ingredient that makes the magic water bottle that makes women tired.

Pitera is a natural biological ingredient with the integration of more than 50 micronutrients. This substance has a great effect in nourishing the skin and maintaining the natural function of the epidermis, increasing elasticity as well as keeping the skin always bright and smooth.

Specific benefits of Pitera:

  • Maintains the skin’s natural function: Pitera contains a natural moisturizing ingredient in the skin (NMF). This substance will help you look young, ruddy and radiant.
  • Protects skin from bad agents: The skin is always faced with many harmful agents such as sunlight, pollution, smoke. No wonder your skin becomes dull and dark. With Pitera, the active ingredient helps to improve the skin’s protective barrier, helping the skin to resist external negative effects
  • Prevent skin damage, help even skin tone, prevent darkening, return a naturally rosy complexion.

➥ About use:

  • Helps to reduce wrinkles quickly due to aging
  • Improve the condition of reducing, darkening dark spots and freckles on the skin
  • This child helps to whiten and evenly see skin color
  • In addition, the use of tightening pores, making skin firmer and not being “bombshell” is also what makes women prefer
  • Support to provide natural moisture, helping skin to be always pink and fresh

3. SK II Facial Treatment Essence 30ml, 75ml, 150ml, 250ml, and 330ml

The SK II facial treatment essence is extremely expensive. However, the price always goes with the quality, so you will not regret it when choosing this one for your skin routine.

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Depending on the size of the container, the price of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ranges from $20USD (30ml version) – 50$ (75ml version) – 130$ (250ml) – 220$ (full 330ml SK-ii facial treatment essence with pump, 11 fl oz version).

4. Experience with SK2 Facial Treatment Essence

The SK II water is quickly absorbed on the skin and also works quickly. After application, the skin looks soft and feels “spotless”. However, when applied, you will feel a little uncomfortable because she has a sour smell like fermenting alcohol.

This product is really an “expensive” product when it clearly shows the ability of All-in-one in 1 product. If you’re in your 25s, maybe you just feel this product makes your skin soft – smooth – silky – shiny – tight – shiny – moisturized – helps to shrink pores.

However, because of the opportunity to observe middle-aged physicians use the product, the product was remarkably effective: the skin is full and smooth, fine lines and wrinkles are also faded. This child’s ability to reduce dark spots and acne is normal.

✓ Advantages:

  • This skincare is so great
  • Works on all skin types and does not cause dryness or damage to your acne-sensitive skin
  • Immediately effective, skin looks smoother, firmer and reduces acne significantly
  • Product packaging beautiful, luxurious and extremely solid
  • Extremely fast, soothing sensation on the skin and extremely good permeability

✘ Disadvantages:

  • SK II facial treatment essence for acne scars is basically quite expensive and not suitable for students.
  • The scent is quite unpleasant, intense as the flavor of fermented wine. Several fermented spirit streams have this drawback, such as Estee Lauder Micro Essence
  • May cause itching or irritation for one who uses it for the first time. This is because the SK II uses Sake to ferment in a large proportion (> 90%), which can cause some discomfort to those you are not familiar with.
  • You can also refer to a few reviews of bloggers who have used SK-II essence water such as the experience of readers, reviews of bloggers on Instagram.

III – How to apply SK II Facial Treatment Essence?

You can use SK II skin facial treatment essence in the following four ways:

  • Pour divine water into hands and apply directly to face, combining pat and gently massage to increase absorbency
  • Apply a sponge to the makeup remover, evenly apply to your face. Hold the cotton for 1 minute to allow the water to absorb more. In addition, you should note the use of thin cotton, not thick cotton waste.
  • Fill the spray bottle with magic water and use it as a mineral spray
  • Combine with toner to make lotion mask for bright skin smooth
  • Combining spirit water with skincare:
  • Makeup remover, face wash, and toner
  • Use god water
  • Use moisturizer/gel and sunscreen (if used during the day)
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IV. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence fake and real

As the famous god in the market, it is not strange for her to have many sophisticated fake versions. So how can distinguish real/fake, avoid buying the wrong product, fake products here? Let’s look at the following questions with

✎ About packaging: real bottles are always printed sharper, metallic letters and elegant than fake bottles

Part of the bottle cap when trying with the fluorescent pen, the fake will turn green purple and the auth will not change much. If it is genuine, the body will have a silver border around it. In addition, you should also note that at the bottom of the bottle cap, clones will be made of plastic that looks rough and inferior.

About the scent: this is the real smell of the fermented wine that is characteristic of speaking, while the knockoff has the smell of soap and very quickly evaporates. In addition, genuine goods will smell good for a long time.

✎ Liquid: Although both have thin texture when applied to the skin, the actual product will quickly and gently absorb on the skin, while the fake will be a bit greasy, hissing, uncomfortable.

✎ When shaking the bottle: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence genuine product will create a soft white foam on the surface and takes about 2-3 minutes for the water bubbles to dissolve. Meanwhile, counterfeit goods usually do not create much foam and melt extremely quickly.


So we have come together to find out more about the best essence for every skin – SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. We hope you can understand more about what sk ii facial treatment essence benefits and sk ii facial treatment essence how to use it in the right way. If you want a great experience with your skin, this is the first recommended choice.


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