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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review

If you are stuck the skin conditions such as drying, acne, or ageing, then the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence will be the best idea to add to your skincare routine. Read the SK II Facial Treatment Essence reviews below to see how this essence can help you have better skin and succeed in anti-ageing.

Overview of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II is the largest multinational cosmetic group brand in the US – P&G. Most of these products are Made in Japan. Significantly, the “secret” that made the success of the famous SK-II spirit came from an accidental discovery.

In the 1970s, when visiting the Sake cellar, SKII’s inventor noticed that all the brewers own smooth hands with no dark spots or signs of ageing, no matter their age. This was the exact opposite of the wrinkly skin on their faces. Researchers have come up with their assumptions and wonder whether it was the manual treatment of alcohol that could make such glowing and smoothing hand skin. Since then, they have constantly been researching different types of yeast in winemaking.

SK-II toner and its cream set

Finally, after testing 350 strains of yeast, they uncovered the secret of a liquid rich in vitamins, organic acids, amino acids, and minerals. The miraculous liquid helps change the skin’s colour, bringing the smooth and brightening of the hand skin. They named this liquid Pitera. Cosmetic products containing Pitera, typically SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, make a big impression in the beauty industry. It is a miracle that helps women find their beautiful young skin easier.

SK II Facial Treatment Essence Review

1. Packaging, texture, and fragrance

Received 4,3 / 5 * with over 3,500 reviews on Influenster, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence possesses a super beautiful appearance. The cylindrical shape of the bottle is opaque white, with the name of the company printed in a metallic red that appeared very attractive and luxurious. The bottle is made of glass, while the bottle cap is silver.

To suit the needs of all women, SK2 Facial Treatment Essence has many sizes to choose from, including the samples SKII in 30ml, full size in 75ml, 150ml, 250ml, and 330ml. About the texture, this skincare essence owns the liquid texture of water and is very clear. The lotion absorbs very quickly when applied to the skin, bringing smooth and soft skin.

About the scent, you can feel SK-II Facial Treatment Essence has a smell of alcohol, with a bit of sourness; if not used, you will feel uncomfortable, but long-term use will be an indispensable product in your skincare routine.

SK II Facial Treatment Essence Ingredients And Uses

Detailed components: Saccharomycopsis Ferment Filtrate (Pitera), Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Aqua (Water / Eau), Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid.

Primary SK II ingredients: The main SK II ingredient that makes the beautiful effects of SK II Facial Treatment Essence is Pitera. Pitera is a natural biological ingredient with the integration of more than 50 micronutrients. This ingredient significantly nourishes the skin and maintains the epidermis’s natural function, increasing elasticity and keeping the skin bright and smooth.

Specific benefits of Pitera

  • Maintains the skin’s natural function: Pitera contains a natural moisturizing ingredient in the skin (NMF). This substance will help you look young, rosy, and glowing.
  • Protects skin from harmful agents: The skin is constantly faced with many harmful agents such as sunlight and pollution to become dull and dark day by day. With Pitera, the active ingredient helps to improve the skin’s protective barrier, allowing the skin to resist external negative effects.
  • Prevent skin damage, help even skin tone, prevent darkening, and return naturally rosy and healthy skin.

The benefits of SK II Essence:

  • Quickly reduce wrinkles due to aging.
  • Improve the condition of dark spots and freckles on the skin
  • This product helps to whiten and ruddy
  • Able to tighten pores, firmer skin
  • Natural moisturizing

The SK II facial treatment essence is extremely expensive. However, the price always goes with the quality, so you will not regret choosing this one for your skin routine. Depending on size, the price of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ranges from $20USD (30ml version) – 50$ (75ml version) – 130$ (250ml) – 220$ (full 330ml SK-ii facial treatment essence with pump, 11 fl oz version).

Experience with SK2 Facial Treatment Essence

The SK II essence is quickly absorbed on the skin and brings effect quickly. After using this essence for the first time, your skin becomes soft and smooth. However, when applying the SK II, you could feel slightly uncomfortable because of its sour smell of fermenting alcohol.

How to apply SK II Facial Treatment Essence?

You can use SK II Skin Facial Treatment Essence in the following ways:

  • Wash your hand with soap before applying the skincare products to your face.
  • Pour the liquid on your hands and apply directly to the face; gently massage to help better absorb the essence.
  • Use a cotton pad with a small amount of essence and apply the pad to your face. Hold the pad for 1 minute to allow the essence to be better absorbed.
  • Fill the SK II essence in the spray bottle and use it as a mineral spray.
  • Combine with toner to make a lotion mask
  • Use moisturizer/gel and sunscreen (if used during the day)

IV. SK II Fake and Original – How to know?

As a popular skincare product that many people love, it is not strange that there are many fake versions of SK II Essential. So how can distinguish SK II fake and original? The guide below will show tips for avoiding fake SK II skincare.

About packaging: The real SKII products are always good in packaging with the word sharp printed in metallic and elegant than fake products.

Also, the fake SK II paper box will be thicker and not strong as the real version.

Trying the fluorescent pen to write on the bottle cap, the fake SK II will turn purple-green while the real version does not change. If it is the original version, the body of the SK II bottle will have a silver border. In addition, at the bottom of the bottle cap, the fake SK II will be made of plastic that looks rough and low quality.

About texture: the original SKII has a transparent color and will gradually turn a golden color when used. Fake SKII often is yellow even when not opened.

About the scent: the real SKII has the smell of a strong sour scent from wine, while the fake version has the smell of soap and very quickly evaporates. In addition, the original product will smell good for a long time.

When shaking the bottle, the real SK-II Facial Treatment Essence will create a soft white foam on the surface, and it takes about 2-3 minutes for the water bubbles to dissolve. Meanwhile, the fake SK II Essence does not make foam when shaken; if it has, the bubbles will melt quickly. Buy SK II on Amazon.


After the small tips, we hope you can check the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Fake and Original by yourself. If you do not want to buy the wrong version of SKII, choosing the skincare products in the big mall will help. We hope this article also gives you more understanding of SK II Facial Treatment Essence and how to use it correctly. This is the first recommended choice if you want to change your skin to better conditions.

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