The best skincare products for 40-year-olds


When you are close to the age of 30, your skin will be faced with many bad situations, that the ability to regenerate and self-produce collagen begins to decline, requiring you to take care and pay closer attention. Especially when you are about to reach the age of 40, you need to add the following 4 products to the skincare process. The best skincare products for 40-year-olds reviews below will help you to choose the suitable one for your daily skincare routine.

Top best skincare regimen for 40-year-olds

And yet, this is also a golden time for you to change the skincare process in the direction that both helps your skin look beautiful by the day and anti-aging so that even when you turn 30 or 40, your skin can still maintain youthful beauty. The thing is, not everyone knows anti-aging products should add to the process. And if you are experiencing the same problems, consult the following dermatologists.

1. Sunscreen

There is no doubt when saying sunlight is the true “enemy” of the skin. This external factor makes you face a lot of risks such as tanning, acne, oily skin, sunburn, wrinkles appear or worse skin cancer. Eventually, the Beauty expert Joshua Ross in California who has confirmed this: “We all know, the sun is the number one cause of aging. And prevention from the 20s is very important “. The expert added: “Sun damage may not appear until you are over the age of 30. So don’t wait until age signs actually appear on the skin. You should prevent it by applying sunscreen to your skincare routine in your 40s daily”.

2. Vitamin C Serum

Only using sunscreen just ensures skin health. But if you want to protect the strength and improve your skin from dullness or with many imperfections to become smooth or brightening skin tones then vitamin C serum is the perfect suggestion from doctors, dermatologists.

“A great way to start your anti-aging process is to add vitamin C serum to your morning routine,” says Ross. “This product contains a powerful antioxidant – vitamin C, which helps to neutralize free radicals and brightens the skin.” And the best time to apply vitamin C serum is after you wash your face and before applying sunscreen in the morning.

3. Nurturing Cream containing peptides

According to dermatologist Audrey Kunin in Missouri, USA: “Peptides can successfully accomplish the task of promoting collagen production” – an important factor to help you maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free look for the skin. In addition to stimulating collagen production, peptides are also known for repairing damage, strengthening the natural protective layer to keep skin healthy despite age.

4. Exfoliating products

The skin is constantly producing dead cells and if you do not “clean” regularly, these old cells will accumulate and clog pores, dull the skin and also prevent the nutrients from skin care products. Moreover, when nearing the age of 30, the skin’s ability to regenerate itself also diminishes, requiring the support of skincare products. And to solve this problem, dermatologist Audrey Kunin recommends using an exfoliating pad to remove old skin cells, leaving the skin looking fresh and smooth. This is the best skincare regimen for a 40-years old that you can not miss. In case you don’t want to use an exfoliant pad, a toner containing AHA / BHA is also a perfect alternative.


By these best skincare products for women in their 40s we hope you can choose the suitable to maintain the youth for your skin. If you want to suggest another 40-year-old skincare product, do not forget to leave us a comment below.


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