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What are Biological Skin Peeling, 5 things to remember!

The biological skin peeling methods help the skin look younger and eliminate acne, and support anti-ageing. In this article, let’s find out what biological peeling can change your skin. And why are many people using it? How effective and risky this method could be by the information below.

What are Biological Skin Peeling

1. Definition

Biological Skin Peeling or Skin Peel is a cosmetic procedure that replaces old cells, removes bacteria, and regenerates new skin cells by using organic acids (fruits) and chemicals to thoroughly remove the stubborn dead skin. This step helps the nutrients absorb deeply inside the skin and resolve the acne, melasma, and freckles problem.

2. Types

Biological skin changes have three levels: shallow peel, medium peel, deep peel.

Depending on the skin condition, a dermatologist will perform different levels of skin peel for you. For example, if your skin has deep pigmentation, dullness, age spots, it will perform deep skin peel to regenerate cells newer. Dermatologists and strict skincare procedures only perform biological skin replacement procedures.

Biological skin changes are divided into 2 types:

  • In the first form, apply chemicals directly on the skin to peel off each piece and peel off a whole layer of skin right away. This method needs to be carefully done and use chemicals safe for the skin. Otherwise, it will hide much risk, after peeling will cause irritation, thin skin, easy to catch the sun and acne.
  • The second form, using acid (organic) to peel the skin, will act slowly on the skin rather than peeling the skin right away. This type is safer and more effective. Suitable for those you want to treat acne, skin lightening.

The benefits of Biological Skin Peeling for your skin

Biological skin replacement is a method used to treat damaged conditions, improve skin brightness with the following benefits:

  • Regenerates cells: This method will replace old skin cells that adhere to the skin that exfoliating does not work. Thereby stimulating collagen production cells, strengthening the barrier to protect the new skin layer. And h help the skin absorb products better skincare.
  • Even skin tone: For those who are often exposed to the sun, acne-prone skin often leave dark spots as well as dark scars that make the overall skin uneven. Instead, biological skin will give you new skin by removing all the dead skin on the surface, from which nutrients will interfere with the skin to help the overall improved and more evenly coloured.
  • Safe with no side effects: Many people often mistakenly change skin and peel the skin the same, but the truth is not so. Peeling skin is an old beauty method, effective quickly, but there will be side effects such as irritation, dehydration, and becoming wrinkled after a short time. At this time, the skin is thin and easily affected by UV rays. The nutrients will be gently applied to the skin with biological skin replacement, and the dead cells will be automatically replaced without any physical impact. This method does not work right away from 7-10 days, depending on the location of the skin.
  • Improve skin problems: Biological skin changes combine many different chemicals that help treat skin conditions such as acne, glowing skin, dark scars, reduce oily, shrink pores.

Which ingredients and chemicals that be used in skin peeling?

The following are common chemicals used in biological skin changes:

1. Salicylic Acid (BHA)

The famous chemical in acne treatment is an oil-based acid that can reduce the swelling and inflammation caused by acne. In biological skin, this substance will go through the pores to remove sebum and inhibits acne-causing agents because they are borne by oil, so they are not obstructed by oil secreted from the skin.

BHA is used in different concentrations depending on the skin condition:

  • 5% -10% effectively removes dead cells.
  • 15% -25% are appointed by specialists to remove the stratum corneum.
  • 2% -10% is found in cosmetics such as a facial cleanser that helps to treat mild acne.

2. Tricloracetic (TCA)

People often use Trichloroacetic (TCA) with a 40% – 50% concentration to treat melasma, freckles and stimulate skin whitening. A unique feature of this acid is that we can use it to high concentrations to increase the effectiveness of repelling pigmentation caused by sunburn or blackness.

This substance is applied to medium or deep skin peel levels, removing the dead cells for 2-3 days. Skin peel levels with TCA:

  • Shallow Peel: less than 10% removes debris from dead skin cells combined with AHA acid to help regenerate collagen by removing old collagen fibres, improving pigmentation effect from 7-10 days.
  • Medium Peel: use a concentration of 15% -50% to help improve the wrinkles in the epidermis and epidermis to eliminate dark spots, effective after 14 days, and extend the effect to 1 year. This process is performed at spas or dermatological centres.
  • Deep Peel: this level is done when directed by a doctor in reputable centres, helps to improve wrinkles on the face caused by age, the effect lasts up to 10 years.

3. Alpha Hydroy Acid (AHA)

This is an organic acid (fruit extract), in AHA includes acids used for skin peels such as:

  • Glycolic Acid: Water-based Acid extracted in sugarcane can beautify the skin and enhance collagen production in superficial peels.
  • Tartaric Acid: Grape extract helps regulate oil and removes sebum, gently peeling dead cells in superficial peels.
  • Mandelic Acid: found in antibiotics, effective anti-inflammatory skin brightening effect.

What does the Biological Skin Peeling differ from other normal face masks and exfoliators?

Peeling a mask is usually applied directly to chemicals on the skin, forming a glue film; when peeling, it will remove dead cells on the surface, sounding no different than peeling skin. But the result of these two ways is entirely different. In comparison, biological skin changes use only mild organic acids mixed with chemicals in a safe ratio verified and done by a dermatologist when customers want medium and deep peels.

Whitening by chemical substances of unknown origin is very dangerous; they will inhibit intracellular melanin production from lightening the skin; this is also the strong point of this way, the resulting consequences will cause red skin and reduce blood vessels under the skin, stimulating hair growth. Some people with soft skin will have swelling and thick pustules.

The difference between biological skin changes and skin peels is the safety and effectiveness after treatment and intensive skin care to recover quickly. A dermatologist does skin peeling.

3 things you should know when trying Biological Skin Peeling

Biological skin changes are for those who want to remove facial imperfections, but not everyone is suitable. Here are three notes you need to know about biological skin changes:

  • Going to the hospital or dermatology clinic, you will be examined and examined thoroughly, listening to the doctor’s advice on skincare.
  • Do not arbitrarily purchase products containing high levels of acid, unknown origin to make at home. From 1-7 days after skin peeling, must strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.
  • As recommended by the doctor, skincare needs to avoid the sun thoroughly, do not arbitrarily pry, remove grinding. Use physiological saline to cleanse the skin, limit makeup, and always moisturize with mineral spray in the first few days.

*The cases where should not use this method are those whose skin is red, peeling, or allergic to open wounds—especially pregnant and breastfeeding women.

1. Should thin and sensitive skin have skin peel?

Skin peel is divided into three levels; generally, with thin skin, you can still peel the skin. However, thin, weak and sensitive skin is divided into two types:

  • Thin skin due to congenital.
  • Skin thinning due to environmental influences such as sunlight, using cosmetics containing corticosteroids – this substance causes inflammation and skin abrasions often appear in mixing creams or poor-quality cosmetics.

For type 2 is completely unsuitable for immediate skin peeling methods, you need to see a dermatologist improve healthy skin first. The remaining case is congenital, or skin is too thin or sensitive; you need to see a doctor conduct a skin examination and adequately assess the skin characteristics.

2. Should you do skin peel at home, or go to hospital or spa?

Objectively, it would be best if you went to the spa or dermatological hospital; you will be examined by a team of experienced doctors, dermatologists and using prestigious medicinal herbs. Those with hidden acne, wrap, blackheads, dark skin, oily, pitted scars and large pores. Should not peel skin at home, just ineffective and easy to cause side effects.

Biological skin replacement at home is only for healthy skin; you only want superficial peel to brighten the skin without any damage. But do not forget that you should choose products with a clear origin. Biological skin changes at medical facilities will take time and cost but are safe and effective. Those you do at home, you must understand this method or the consequences will be unpredictable.

3. Which skincare steps should you follow before your skin peel?

For the best skin peeling process and do not encounter any cases of irritation, you need to take care of your skin before proceeding to change biological skin as follows:

  • Do not exfoliate before peeling the skin for at least 48 hours because it contains Retinol or Salicylic Acid, which will make the skin peel intensity two times.
  • Stop using cosmetics, holding prescription medication if you are in the process of treating certain medical conditions.
  • Ensure the skin is moisturized, healthy, without scratches or open wounds before peeling the skin.
  • Choose a reputable aesthetic facility.

Recommended Biological Skin Peeling Products

1. Matrigen B-Tox Peel–USA STOCK


This B-Tox Peel box includes 12 bottles, divided into four categories, each with two separate bottles of SRM Ampoule is six bottles. Use in sequence and after the skin has been cleaned with a cleanser.

  • Step 1: Calming Ampoule (orange bottle) to soothe the skin.
  • Step 2: Mix B-tox powder B-tox Solution in a ratio of 1: 1 and apply it to the skin.
  • Step 3: Apply another layer of Calming Ampoule.
  • Step 4: Finally, SRM Ampoule to replace skin serum.

This skin peel product contains rare silica algae extract from deep-sea temperatures with many biological chemicals, which will help skin fight bacteria and metals from cosmetics. This skin peel is only suitable for dark spots, pigmentation, freckles, skin ageing, but acne problems do not work much.

2. So Natural Red Peelo Tingle Serum

Derived from the raspberry, the product has a characteristic deep red colour.


  • This product is considered a skin peel at home, more simply chemical peels, and stimulates new cell production.
  • The product has a liquid, slightly textured texture, and dark red colour characterized by berries, blueberries, red raspberries. Available in sizes of 35ml and 50ml, for those who have not used this baby yet, you are afraid of side effects and can choose a small size to try.
  • Use AHA / BHA in reasonably high concentrations, derived from natural wild strawberries, so can use it for sensitive skin as well (but remember to use a little bit only slowly to use more)
  • Although there are uses for acne and other things, I find it inappropriate; this effect only solves dark spots, freckles, and wrinkles.
  • Grab back is cheap, has good skin peel, and is very popular around the world.

F.A.Q about skin peel

1. Do chemical peels thin your skin?

Many people misunderstand biological skin change and skin peeling; biological skin change not only does not thin the skin but also stimulates a thick and healthy face. The process of using specialized pharmaceuticals with vitamin C and Enzyme will nourish your skin and be visibly firmer. Peel skin signals your skin to stimulate collagen production to make the skin smooth, not thin.

2. Can you wash your face after a chemical peel?

After skin peel, you should not instantly use a cleanser, instead use pure water, physiological saline for the first three days and depending on the skin condition. If the skin is flaky, hard and dry and it hurts, do not use a cleanser. From day seven onwards, you can use it usually, but avoid a cleaner with seeds. Especially do not use makeup remover or alcohol-containing products; they will make the skin more dry and flaky.

3. How long should you wait between chemical peels?

A skin peel is divided into 3 levels: shallow peel, medium, and deep skin peel. Depending on the skin type and different treatment regimen, the number of peels also varies.

If the peel is shallow on the surface, it only needs to be done once, and it becomes smooth and bright. In the case of deep or medium peel, it is necessary to proceed following the number of times given by the doctor. Usually, each procedure will be 7-10 days apart with acne skin.

4. What moisturizer or cosmetic products should I use after a chemical peel?

After replacement, your skin will be extremely sensitive, irritable with environmental effects, redness and a burning sensation. This is a sensitive time for the skin, need your care carefully and should only use the following products:

  • Brine physiological saline – The first time peeling skin is 4-6 hours, is the time when the skin is extremely sensitive and easily irritated. Only wash your face with antiseptic saline or purified water.
  • Gentle cleanser – When the skin shows signs of recovery, use cleanser. After 3 days, you can use the cleanser, but avoid nuts and should choose gentle gentle products such as Cetaphil Gentle Skin, CeraVe Hydrating, Cosrx Low pH Good Morning, Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery, La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo.
  • Sunscreen – Avoid sun exposure when peeling skin. Apply sunscreen every 3 hours and drink sunscreen tablets, need a good cover, your skin needs absolute protection. Use a sunscreen (SPF 50) 30 minutes before going out, after 2-3 hours reapply 1 time. Protect thoroughly even when indoors.
  • Mineral spray – Always carry mineral spray to provide moisture in time. Your skin will have dry phenomena, always bring a mineral spray to help maintain moisture, making it easier to peel off and recover faster. If the skin is not acne-prone or dry, then apply vitamin C serum (note to consult a dermatologist before use, do not decide yourself).
  • Lotion – From day 7 onwards you can take care of your skin, as usual, use a serum or moisturizer containing Hyaluronic Acid – a super moisturizing active ingredient, or Glyamicine stem cells.
  • Drink water – Drink 2 liters of water daily to moisturize from the inside. In addition, you should drink 2 liters of water a day, this is also an effective way to moisturize from the inside.

Say no to makeup; if you want to be beautiful, you have to take a little complicated at first; chemicals in cosmetics will affect and cause irritation on young skin.

The final words

Skin peel is a safe beauty method that is widely used by women to treat skin diseases. The lack of clarity about the process and the arbitrary use at home or too unreliable facilities will cause serious harm, making treatment time-consuming. Hopefully, your sharing about the biological skin replacement method will help you better understand this beauty method and choose a reputable skincare product. Feel free to leave a comment below with your questions or suggestions.

*This is collected information and not a replacement for a careful discussion with your skin doctor. Should not change or stop treatment without first talking with your doctor. Consult a doctor before using any products that we recommend in our article.

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