Exfoliate your skin with milk, should you try?


Exfoliating helps the skin to be brighter, healthier, and better absorb the nutrients of the skin cream. If you like to exfoliate with natural methods, then raw milk can help you meet that need. Milk contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, lactic acid in milk not only has the effect of lightening the skin but also has a gentle exfoliating effect for the skin.


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1. Fresh milk and sugar

Exfoliating with fresh milk and sugar is very suitable for those with dry skin, helping to brighten and smooth skin without losing moisture of the skin.

How to do: Mix a cup of fresh milk and 1 tablespoon of sugar, gently apply the mixture on the face, combined with a massage in a circular direction to stimulate blood circulation (avoid applying in the eye area), then lie down and relax. for 15 then rinse with warm water.

2. Fresh milk, strawberry, and lemon

This mixture of fresh milk, strawberry, and lemon has an effective exfoliating effect, besides it also helps to tighten pores and brighten the skin.

  • Add 4 strawberries with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of unsweetened fresh milk then mix them well.
  • Apply the mixture on the skin and gently massage so that the nutrients in the mixture are easily absorbed into the skin
  • After 15 minutes wash your face with warm water.
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3. Fresh milk and green tea

Green tea goes well with fresh milk, in addition to making the skin bright and smooth, it also helps to fight bacteria, prevent acne, fade wrinkles, and fight skin oxidation.

How to do:

  • Mix 10ml of unsweetened fresh milk with 10g of green tea powder.
  • Apply the mixture on the skin and gently massage for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your face with warm water.

4. Fresh milk, oats, strawberries

Fresh milk, oats, strawberries mixture will help your skin become whiter and healthier.

How to do:

  • Puree 4 strawberries and 25ml of fresh milk without sugar
  • Then mix well with 20g of oatmeal.
  • Apply the mixture on the skin and massage gently.
  • After 15 minutes, wash your face with warm water.

5. Fresh milk and rice bran

With this mixture, you can use it for both face and body. Not only gently exfoliating the skin, fresh milk and rice also moisturizes, brightens the skin, and makes the skin soft.

How to do:

  • Mix fresh milk with rice bran at a ratio of 1:2
  • Apply this mixture on your face and body,
  • Gently massage for 10 minutes so that the nutrients are absorbed into the skin, then rinse with water.

6. Fresh milk and red bean powder

Red bean powder is a panacea for the skin, the mixture of red bean powder and fresh milk helps your skin to be white and smooth, antibacterial, prevents the development of acne, and helps smooth skin.

How to do:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of unsweetened fresh milk and 2 tablespoons of red bean powder
  • Put the mixture on your face and gently massage in a circular direction
  • Relax for 10 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly with water.
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Notes when exfoliating with fresh milk

  • Wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser before using exfoliating treatments.
  • Exfoliation will be very good for the skin if you do not overdo it, should only exfoliate 1-2 times a week.
  • After exfoliating, use balancing products such as toners, lotions to soothe the skin. Then use the skincare steps as usual.

Natural exfoliation treatments help to gently remove dead skin, while smoothing, and brightening. If you have any other milk-based exfoliation recipes, feel free to share them with us in the comment below.


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