Should you use a mask after exfoliating?


We all know that using a face mask once a week can provide necessary nutrients as well as replenish moisture for the skin. Besides that, exfoliation helps remove dry, flaky patches of skin to help the skin absorb nutrients better. However, many of you are still wondering if you should apply a mask after exfoliating or not, for fear of skin irritation. So whether this is true or not, the following article will help you clarify this issue!

Why do you need to exfoliate?


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Recent studies show that every day the skin will produce about 5 billion new cells, and the old cells will peel off and fall off, which is usually called dead cells. But the reality shows that not all dead cells fall out of the skin.

There are cells that still cling to the skin with dirt and bacteria causing your skin to become dull, acne-prone, and show signs of aging such as wrinkles, crow’s feet,… So we need to exfoliate periodically to remove them more effectively.

Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells to help stimulate new cell regeneration, thereby helping skin to be bright, smooth and full of vitality. In addition, exfoliation also helps nutrients penetrate better into the skin, bringing the best effect.

So should you wear a face mask after exfoliating?

After exfoliating, the skin is now in a state where the natural oil layer has been lost, and the skin’s moisture content is also significantly reduced. Therefore, you should absolutely apply a mask after exfoliating to moisturize your skin and rebalance pH on your skin.

You can use specialized masks that best fit with your skin types or use natural masks to better nourish your skin. Besides, you should also apply moisturizer to lock the layer of nutrients, helping them to promote their best effect.

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  • After exfoliating, the skin will be quite sensitive than usual, so you need to protect it carefully as well as always wear sunscreen to better protect your skin.
  • Should only exfoliate in the evening for the process of purification and regeneration to take place effectively.
  • Choose the right mask for your skin, if your skin is too sensitive, avoid using masks containing strong active ingredients.
  • Replenish minerals with mineral spray several times a day to soothe the skin and apply a cream every night to make sure the skin is sufficiently moist.