Lush Tea Tree Water Review


Lush Tea Tree Water Rose Water 100g product is designed quite simply; the product bottle is used recycled plastic that is tested to be safe for the user’s health. Using the mysterious, smooth black color as a unique highlight for the product, making the product easy to clean, the information is printed on the packaging on the body. See more Lush tea tree toner review in the content below.

About Lush Brand

Although there are many toners on the market today, rose water, Lush Tea Tree Toner has always won the trust of beauty believers because the product is 100% extracted from natural herbs, helping to clean the skin pH balance. It is also antibacterial, soothes red and swollen skin areas, prevents acne, and cares for smooth and smooth skin.

Lush Tea Tree Water rose water product 100g belongs to Lush brand – UK. Lush is a well-known brand as a famous cosmetic brand; this brand also has a passionate, dedicated staff with an environmentally-friendly appearance and quality. , benign, safe for all types of consumers. Significantly, most of the products of this brand are made by hand with fresh and clean natural ingredients. Therefore, this brand is also present in more than 46 countries worldwide and will expand the market even more internationally in the coming years.

Lush Tea Tree Water Review


Like many of its other products, Lush Tea Tree Water rose water has a simple design. The bottle is manufactured from recycled plastic material with the primary jet black color, smooth, convenient to clean the packaging. The body is printed with prominent information, including product name, ingredients, quantity, barcode, etc.

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The Lush Tea Tree Water bottle is also affixed with a round stamp, illustrating the man’s face, which looks quite funny. The spray head is sturdy; the spray is moderate and spreads evenly, making it easy for girls to use. The outside is protected by a clear white plastic cap that keeps the spray head clean.


  • Tea Tree Water: Antibacterial, soothes and cleans the skin, reduces inflammation for oily acne-prone skin, helps reduce skin irritation.
  • Grapefruit Extract (Grapefruit Water): Rich in vitamins and amino acids, brightens and firms skin, balances pH, reduces acne, tightens pores.
  • Juniperberry Water: Antiseptic, skin cleansing.
  • The product contains Methylparaben (preservative) and fragrance, but the content is shallow.


Lush Tea Tree Toner supports deep cleansing and pH balanced for the skin of the natural cosmetic brand Lush originating from the UK. Lush Tea Tree Water contains tea tree oil, which has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, suitable for those with oily, combination, oily, and acne-prone skin.

Lush rose water is a spray toner extracted from the essential oils of Melaleuca, black currant, lemon, and grapefruit, which helps to clean and balance the pH of the skin. Because it contains melaleuca essential oil, it works well with those with sensitive skin. inflamed, red, oily skin, acne skin. This toner can be used as a balancing toner or a mineral spray at any time of the day to help soothe, calm and provide essential nutrients to the skin. Lush’s toner does not contain alcohol, is made with 100% natural ingredients, does not irritate.


How to use Lush Tea Tree Toner?

  • Cleanse your face with a makeup remover and cleanser.
  • Close your eyes, spray rose water directly on your face, or spray on a cotton pad and apply evenly on your face.
  • Gently massage all over the skin surface so that the toner is quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • Follow the following skincare steps (if any).
  • Pay attention not to rewash your face after applying rose water.
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Does this toner good for acne-prone skin?

The product is designed in a spray head, is convenient to use, and the packaging is easy to clean. The fragrance is mild. The Lush tea tree toner is made of 100% natural, safe, alcohol-free ingredients that do not irritate the skin. Antibacterial, oil-control, support treatment, and prevention of acne. It helps to clean and balance the skin’s pH care for smooth, firming skin.

  • The product is designed in the form of a convenient spray head, packaging; easy to clean.
  • The scent of the product is also mild.
  • Toner is used 100% natural ingredients, is safe without alcohol, no irritation to the skin.
  • Products that support bactericidal prevent acne, control oil full
  • Rebalance the pH of the skin, care for smooth and firm skin

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