Top 10 Best Lips Exfoliators in 2020


Along with body exfoliating, we should also spend time taking care of the lips by exfoliating it. This is a very important step in the skincare routine that many girls usually forget. Exfoliating lips not only help significantly improve the dark lips by using lipstick usually but can also return lips bright pink, full lips. And here are 5 lip exfoliating products that bring you the beautiful and strong lips.

Top 10 Best Lips Exfoliators in 2020

1. Beauty Treats Lip Scrub

Beauty Treats Lip Scrub contains brown sugar crystals that will help you remove dead cells easily without irritating your lips. It also contains natural moisturizers like Vitamin E to prevent lips from going dry, leaving soft and supple lips. Beauty Treats Lip Scrub exfoliates lips with a small granular texture to help remove gently the rough skin or residual makeup to bring a smooth, sweet feeling to your lips.

Scrub nourishes lips with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Pear, Grape, Jojoba, and Copernicia Cerifera waxes to make lips supple, fresh, and energized life, giving you a plump lip with the best lip color possible. There are 4 types of Beauty Treats Lip Scrub for you to choose, including:

  • Apple Flavor (WildApple)
  • Vanilla Flavor (Vanilla Bean)
  • Cherry Flavor (Dark Cherry)
  • Chestnut flavor (Almond flavor)

How to use Beauty Treats Lip Scrub?

  • Take a little wax and rub on lips and rim, then gently massage in a spiral shape for about 1 minute until the sugar granules dissolve evenly on the lips. Then wipe off with a towel or rinse with water.
  • Apply lip balm to soft lips. Use 2-3 times / week

Storage: Close the lid after use. Store out of reach of children, cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

2. E.l.f. Lip Exfoliator Brown Sugar

E.L.F stands for Eyes – Lips – Face, a popular cosmetic brand from the US, was founded in 2004, and up to now E.L.F has been present in many countries around the world. In the beginning, E.L.F focused on makeup products but gradually developed more skincare lines.

E.L.F Lip Exfoliator is one of the best-selling products of E.L.F in which E.L.F Lips Exfoliator Original is the first one and is loved by many women, this type is also popular especially in Japan. Design is a major difference in this product compared to other brands. Most lips exfoliators are in the form of tubes, boxes, or small lids, but the E.L.F Lip Exfoliator is designed as a lipstick with a solid and attractive lip bar.

Benefits of the exfoliating lipstick for E.L.F Lip Exfoliator Original

  • Removes dead skin cells on lips, helps your lips soften
  • Ingredients containing nutrients help stimulate cell proliferation, help the lips look ruddy and plump
  • Smooth lips will make brushing color easy, beautiful color, especially when using a matte lipstick.

How to use the exfoliating lipstick for E.L.F Lip Exfoliator Original?

  • Moisten lips or soften lips by applying a layer of lip balm. Then apply an exfoliating lipstick to your lips in a spiral for 1 minute.
  • Leave lips for 3 minutes to completely soften dead skin, then wipe off with a tissue or warm towel.
  • Rinse lips with clean water and apply a layer of lip balm to moisturize lips

3. RIRE Bubble Bubble Lip Mask 12ml

Wearing colorful lipstick might not be the best idea to get beautiful, plump lips. Sometimes, your lips are also stubborn and uncomfortable, so it is important to take regular lip care. And exfoliating your lips regularly with a Bubble Bubble mask, a form of detox bubbles for detox, is rapidly becoming a hot trend around the world.

Bubbling technology will help nourishment and oxygen from the mask can penetrate deep into the skin. In addition, this type of lip mask also has the ability to exfoliate slightly. Helps remove rough skin cells on the lips, giving you smooth, plump lips.

Benefits of lips detox:

  • Remove makeup, apply an appropriate amount on lips, not waterproof, and wait until bubbles appear. After waiting for 3 to 4 minutes after bubbling completely off the lips, use your fingers to soften lips with a gentle lip rub.
  • Wipe off the loose layer with a towel or water to clean lips. In just 5 minutes, lips have just exfoliated just masked with nutrients.
  • Use the  Bubble Bubble Lip Mask 1-2 times per week.

4. The Body Shop Lip Scuff

Compact, easy to use, the Body Shop Lipscuff Exfoliator bar with mint fragrance can both remove dead skin cells while moisturizing, softening lips. This product not only helps lips become bright and fresh but also clean lips, dead cells, and remain your lipstick color longer.

5. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish

This sweet lip exfoliator can effectively care for even the most sensitive lips. Not only does the lips clean up dead skin cells, but it also contains jojoba oil, shea butter to give lips a fuller and stronger look.

6. Exfoliating effervescent Bubi Bubi Lip

This product uses soft foam to exfoliate more safely and gently your lips. The Bubi Bubi Lips Exfoliator is famous for its extremely safe and natural ingredients such as papaya extract, peach extract, etc.

You only need to spray a large amount of Bubi Bubi foam on your lips, wait for your dead skin cells to soften and rub gently with your fingers. This exfoliator is the one that is recommended to use on sensitive skin. Do not use any products that have sugar or contain strong exfoliating ingredients. Because this can hurt your lips.

7. MAC Lip Scrub Sweet Vanilla

Exfoliating lips contains moisturizing milk with high moisture

This product is mainly produced with sugar, jam oil, jojoba oil, and butter. MAC Lip Scrub Sweet Vanilla can gently and effectively remove dead cells and dry areas on your skin. It is recommended that you use this product at night as it leaves a nutritious amount of oily on your lips, effectively moisturizing.

The product is recommended for people with dry lips because of its high moisturizing effect. If you love the sweet scent, this is a great product because the taste is quite sweet. This product has 5 different scents for you to choose in case you don’t like the smell of milk.

8. Kiko Lip Scrub

Lips Exfoliator Kiko Lip Scrub is considered as a good product with a reasonable price. The exterior design of the product is like a normal lip balm, with a silver shell that looks quite simple but extremely convenient. The ingredients in this product contain moisturizers, so when used to exfoliate, you will not feel drying your lips.

9. Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm

This Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm has a road sanding agent and a color moisturizer in the same product. It not only gives you soft and smooth lips but also gives your lips a natural pink glow. A lot of users love the cute packaging of this product. This super cute packaging will make your lip care routine even more fun. This cute little product can also be a great gift for your friends.

10. The Face Shop Lip Scrub

The last Lips Exfoliator comes from Korean is The Face Shop Lip Scrub, which the main ingredient is shea butter and walnut shell. The Lip Scrub from The Face Shop has a very light fragrance that will help you relax during the exfoliating of your lips.  The cream of the product helps moisturize your lips.

Some reviews claim that this product not only makes their lips smooth and full but also makes them glossy and plump.

Final words

Overuse lips exfoliator will bring bad effect to your lips. However, if you use them properly this lip care routine will make your lips healthy and beautiful. We hope you can find yourself a perfect product and have you wished for stronger lips.


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